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Trasmissione single speed | Bycly

Single Speed

A single speed, many possibilities. Simple and lightweight to tackle flat stretches and gentle slopes.

Cambio Shimano al mozzo Nexus 3 Velocità | Bycly

Shimano 3v gear hub

The Shimano Nexus 3 speed gear hub guarantees the maximum reliability.

City Bike mod. City Black Ed. Antracite/Nero | Bycly

Shimano 7v gear hub

The Shimano Nexus seven-speed hub is as reliable as it is versatile.

Pedal assist

Enjoy the scenery, let the integrated 250W brushless electric motor help you.

Single Speed Transmission

“Less is more” as the famous German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used to say. Why weigh down a bike, disturb its perfect lines, complicate its natural charming simplicity with endless gears? If you mainly use your bicycle in flat areas with short gentle slopes, a Single Speed transmission with a single gear is perfect for you. We have chosen a 72-teeth chainring and a 30-teeth sprocket connected to a polyurethane 1312x12mm PU H8M C-Drive belt so you can cover over 5 metres with a single stroke!

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3v shimano Gear Hub

The Shimano Nexus hub combines the best characteristics of your old 3-speed and takes away the worst thanks to modern materials and technologies,” writes bicycle guru Sheldon Brown on his website. The Nexus technology enables to change gears seamlessly while stationary and, combined with the polyurethane 1312x12mm PU H8M C-Drive belt, always guarantees precise smooth gear changes. It is water and dirt-proof as all mechanical parts are sealed within the hub in a permanently-lubricated environment. It is a stable technology, thoroughly tested and perfected so much so that it was chosen by some of the leading bike-sharing services in the world.

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Bycly pedal assist bikes are perfect for everyone as they employ simple and reliable technological solutions such as the brushless electric motor integrated in the wheel hub or the powerful batteries that last up to 60 km. What is more, they are beautiful and elegant just as all Bycly bicycles.

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shimano 7v Gear Hub

The 7-speed Shimano Nexus transmission associated with the 1312x12mm PU H8M polyurethane C-Drive belt guarantees a smooth and precise shifting. The wide extension of internal ratios (244%), combined with the 72-toothed crown and the 30-pinion pinion, allows you to find the right pedaling cadence in the most diverse situations. The Shimano Nexus gearbox is indifferent to water and dirt because all the mechanical parts are sealed inside the hub, in an always optimally lubricated environment. It is a stable technology, widely tested and perfected, to the point of being chosen to equip the means of some of the most important bike sharing services in the world.

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