Steel frame & belt drive

Unione perfetta tra tradizione e innovazione

Discover the strengths that characterize and make our products unique

Valuable materials

Telai e forcelle Hi-Ten interamente realizzati in Italia


You will not hear any noise while pedaling or changing gear

City Bike mod. Riviera Bianco perla | Bycly


A smooth and soft ride

City Bike mod. Unic One Sabbia dorata/Acqua marina | Bycly

Exclusive paints

With sophisticated and avant-garde colors

City Bike mod. City Black Ed. Antracite/Nero | Bycly

Double chamber wheels

Made in Italy for greater strength and comfort

Maintenance reduced to a minimum

Thanks to the strap that replaces the classic chain

Precision in assembly

Precise to the tenth of a millimeter in the geometric coupling of the belt / pulley system

City Bike mod. City Antracite/Nero | Bycly

High transmission efficiency

Take advantage of all the power of pedaling

City Bike mod. City mode year | Bycly

Resistance and duration

A reliable means that lasts over time

City Bike mod. City Rosso Rubino brillante | Bycly

Low weight

Massimo rendimento nella progettazione per ridurre al minimo gli eccessi

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