You must have realised that bicycles have gone from being used during the free time to efficient and eco-friendly means of transport – the status symbol of those who understand where the world is headed and are ahead of change. If you think words such as agility, elegance and modernity describe you, then know you have at least three things already in common with a Bycly bike! Don’t waste time, choose the model that better suits your temperament.

Bycly| Agile donna Belt Bike

Agile Donna

Agile Donna is the city bike for women of the third millennium. Tired of the old designs? Tired of riding bicycles that seem to have come out of a museum? Then take a look at the sinuous futuristic lines of Agile Donna. Lightweight thanks to the aluminium frame, reliable thanks to the double disc brake and stylish with its aquamarine or golden sand colourway. Bye-bye old bike! Welcome Agile Donna!

City Bike mod. Glamour Azzurro Francia | Bycly


Glamour is the bicycle that makes your head spin. Its classic lines are emphasized by the unmistakeable Tiffany blue – a bright, elegant, celestial colour. Thanks to a belt that does not get dirty or greasy, you can show it off in any occasion, just like you would with your most elegant dress. Without mentioning that the shape and components guarantee the maximum comfort and a simple pleasant pedalling experience. You cannot buy class, but you can buy Glamour.

City Bike mod. Filadelfia Light blue/Grey | Bycly


Filadelfia is the city bike for women who don’t compromise on style or quality. Its shape and components are designed to guarantee the maximum comfort for a daily use although, on a technological level, Filadelfia is just as good as the leading men’s models. Immediate braking response and uphill agility are combined with a distinguished look thanks to exclusive details such as the hammered aluminium mudguards. Why choose when you can have everything?

Citybike Riviera Single Speed Opaque Cream | Bycly


Clean, agile, silent and elegant: this is how a city bike should be. And this is what Riviera is, the women’s city bike developed for your everyday needs. The belt doesn’t get dirty or greasy so it is ideal to go to work or head out in the evening. The shape and components are developed to guarantee the maximum comfort and make pedalling easier.