You must have realised that bicycles have gone from being used during the free time to efficient and eco-friendly means of transport – the status symbol of those who understand where the world is headed and are ahead of change. If you think words such as speed, vitality and modernity describe you, then know you have at least three things already in common with a Bycly bike! Don’t waste time, choose the model that better suits your temperament.

Bycly| Agile uomo Belt Bike

Agile Uomo

Agile Uomo is the bicycles for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It boasts all the qualities of the Agile model with a touch of “mystery”. Thanks to a belt that does not get dirty or greasy, you can show it off in any occasion, just like you would with your most elegant dress. The shape and components guarantee the utmost comfort without taking away the pleasure of pushing on the pedals a bit more when needed or simply when you wish to.

 City Bike mod. City Pro | Bycly

City Pro

City is the casual fun bicycle for everyday use. The belt doesn’t get dirty or greasy so it is ideal to go to work or head out in the evening. Its shape and components were designed to guarantee the maximum comfort without taking away the pleasure of pushing on the pedals a bit more to move swiftly in traffic. Pedalling is so pleasant that you’ll end up using this bicycle at the weekend as well for a spin or for a ride in the countryside.

City Bike mod. Model Year | Bycly

City Model Year

City Model Year is the urban bicycle for those brimming with determination. It boasts all the qualities of the City model, but the black and red colour and the special accessories make it unique and unmistakeable. A collectors’ limited edition piece. A thoroughbred that must be pushed to the limit within its element: the city.